In 2003, WVCA Rescue was created in response to several WHV or possible WHVs in shelters. As a rare breed, they don’t turn up in shelters often, although occasionally a dog is relinquished to our club’s Rescue by the owner. We defines a “rescue” as a WV from various types of shelters, a stray, an abandoned dog, or a dog whose owners can no longer care for it. WHVCA Rescue is dedicated to the welfare of such Wirehaired Vizslas. Rescue program workers are volunteers, and give their time, effort, expertise, and often their own resources to help WHV in need. WHV Rescue is supported entirely by donations. We always appreciate donations of funds, supplies, and services.

Dogs in the rescue program are spayed, neutered, and their temperament evaluated before placement into a new home. In addition, all applicants wishing to adopt through the rescue program are carefully screened by experienced Rescue volunteers (Wirehaired Vizsla owners, breeders, and trainers.) A detailed questionnaire, interview process and home check are all part of this screening process.  Please email us at or fill out the form below. All adoption fees go directly to the care and veterinary expenses of each dog.

We need your help!

Did you know we offer Rescue support to Wirehaired Vizslas in need across the US? We’ve been contacted three times this year, seeking assistance from families with Wires in need. As we move forward, to prevent undue hardship to individual volunteers or to the dogs in need, we need to begin building our network of possible volunteers across the country. I’m reaching out to you today to give an overview of the role we play and to ask for anyone who may be interested in assisting to raise your hand. The time requirements, at this time, are very minimal and we hope to stay that way but we want to ensure we have connections with those willing to assist, if needed. The Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America, Inc. -Rescue” is a breed parent club, non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Members, as well as non-members, can volunteer to assist with the rescue of stray, abandoned, and relinquished Wirehaired Vizslas across the US. The WVCA has been working to provide “forever homes” to these adoptable Wires-in-need since the startup of our organization. Fortunately, the demand for rescuing Wirehaired Vizslas has remained low over the years, being a newer, more rare breed in the US, with many breeders who require dogs from their breedings to be returned to them if in need of rehoming. We are funded solely through fundraising events, private donations, and adoption fees. All proceeds are used directly to provide shelter, and much needed veterinary care to rescued Wirehaired Vizslas who reside with our volunteers in their own homes, with their own pets and families prior to adoption. We take pride in our rescue efforts, as well as strive to operate a professional and successful rescue group. Our goal is to find each of these wonderful, homeless Wirehaired Vizslas their “forever home.”

VOLUNTEER -The WVCA is always looking for volunteers. There are many ways you can make a difference in the life of a rescued Wirehaired Vizsla. You can help drive Wires from one place to another, conduct home visits on applicants in your area, do telephone interviews and reference checks, participate in special events/fundraising, be a foster home, and more. Please Contact me for a Volunteer Application if you are interested in assisting us in some manner. DONATE -Many expenses are involved in the pre-adoption process of our Wires such as veterinary care, microchips, the making of the adoption packets that accompany each adopted Wire to their new home, postage fees, and transportation costs. The costs to prepare Wires for adoption often far exceed the adoption fee for the Wirehaired Vizsla. The WVCA, Inc – Rescue is a volunteer-based organization that exists solely on adoption fees, fundraising events, and individual donations. Don’t Wait, be part of the support and the solution, contact us today at